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Dances Taught on Sundays 2020

Page history last edited by Nancy McClements 4 years, 4 months ago

Please include teachers' names, number of dancers (and details if new), dances taught, and any formations/steps taught.

March 8

Teaching by John and Chuck

28 dancers including new dancers Paul and Alyssa and Milwaukee dancers Pete and Doree Ross

  • Granville Market
  • Delvine Side
  • Highland Reel
  • Coit Tower Reel
  • Miss Milligan's Strathspey
  • College Hornpipe
  • Miss Ogilvie's Fancy


March 1

Teaching by Rebecca and Janice

16 dancers including Carolyn, back for her father's funeral, Katrina and Bradley

  • Jessie's Hornpipe
  • Birks of Invermay
  • The Compleat Gardner
  • Starry-Eyed Lassie
  • Blooms of Bon Accord
  • Mathilde is a Delight
  • Pelorus Jack
  • Mairi's Wedding


February 23

Teaching by Rebecca and Kate

17 dancers

  • Highland Reel
  • Granville Market
  • Delvine Side
  • Grandpa Squeezebox
  • Miss Milligan's Strathspey
  • Bohemian Reflections
  • Montgomeries' Rant


February 16

Teaching by Nancy and Terry

18 dancers, including Debbie Nelson, Bradley, new(ish) dancer Kelly and new dancer Karen (danced once in Dayton)

Reviewed both skip change of step and strathspey travelling step (and setting, but in less detail)

  • Jig to the Music
  • Machine without Horses
  • Birks of Invermay
  • Roaring Jelly
  • The College Hornpipe
  • Mathilde is a Delight 


February 9 - Cancelled for snow


February 2- Burns Night

Teaching by Terry and Chuck

20 dancers

  • Ha Ha the Wooin' o' It
  • Corn Rigs
  • Cauld Kail
  • Lea Rig
  • There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose
  • She's Ower Young to Marry
  • Over the Water to Charlie


January 26 - Open House

Teaching by Nancy and Janice

38? dancers, including 8 from Milwaukee and approximately 16 beginners/guests

  • Gay Gordons
  • Cumberland Reel
  • Charlestown Chaser
  • Easy Peasy
  • Galloway House
  • Chronology (demo)
  • The Fairy Ring
  • Crabbit Shona
  • Bob Campbell (demo) 


January 19

Teaching by Kate and Terry

14 dancers, including 2 1st time dancers (Pam and Wei-Hua? sp)

  • Granville Market 
  • Jessie’s Hornpipe  
  • Midnight Oil 
  • Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy 
  • Pelorus Jack 
  • Coit Tower Reel 


January 12

teaching by Janice and Chuck

19 dancers (No beginners!)

  • Spiffin'
  • Ann Lindsey's Strathspey
  • Corrine's Caper
  • Fortieth Anniversary
  • The Quaich
  • Lady June Gordon
  • The Flower of Glasgow


January 5

Teaching by Kate and Nancy

24 dancers including first time dancer Zoe (pronounced Zo)

  • Fairy Ring
  • Wild Geese
  • An Autumn Posy
  • Chronology
  • A Welcome in Oak Park
  • Loch Michigan Rant
  • Highlander’s Farewell 

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