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Meeting Notes

Page history last edited by Nancy McClements 11 years, 6 months ago

May 14, 2009 by Norma



We omitted appointing somebody to record decisions, so I will try this time (additions and corrections welcome).


There was consensus on the following: We would divide the year into 6 units, with 2 candidates responsible for the main teaching and focus of each unit, which would end with a just for fun social. Chuck or I will mentor most of the evenings, giving individual feedback immediately after a candidate has completed her teaching. On any given Sunday the two candidates will come with up to three properly prepared dances (at least one of them simple, in case a beginner appears and one of which will be more challenging) all of which may, or may not actually be taught that evening. Dances that are proposed for that unit will be decided before the unit begins, probably in consultation with the mentor. To start with, candidates should generally choose dances from the RSCDS core dances, our 163 favorite dances booklet, and include dances from upcoming nearby balls and events. Request time should probably include one of our demonstration dances, so they are kept in the repertoire.


The next meeting will be at the end of August (20th or 27th). Meetings should be as needed, but I suggest that at least the mentor and two candidates responsible for any upcoming unit meet a week or two before it actually begins to hash out syllabus and focus - or maybe a meeting of all of us every quarter, so two units can be outlined at one session (for continuity) and different candidate-partners be identified for later units.


I plan to talk with Lara to find out more about how Minneapolis handles their plethora of teachers, advantages / disadvantages etc.

I sensed that we all expect to cooperate harmoniously, but the lawyer in me says that though we may keep meetings informal and make many decisions by consensus, we should identify a mechanism for settling differences of opinion well before we actually encounter one (i.e. have the possibility of a vote in the wings, having agreed beforehand who can vote and what weight each vote would carry).


I  also sensed that most of you are somewhat ambivalent about actually undertaking responsibility for some of the outreach proposals that have been aired at least in the near future. That is very understandable. However since more outreach is crucial to the viability of SCD in the Madison area, I  ask all of us to review our calendars and commitments, then be prepared to communicate frankly precisely what our individual limitations and hesitations consist of, so we can outline what each of us might realistically accomplish, with a little help from our friends. What no one is interested in accomplishing in the near future will just have to wait. Personally I feel that there is a limited period of time in which Mike or I will be able to continue to contribute, so I am willing to go the extra mile while I still have the energy.


We also talked of the possibility of helping out the Rockford group and of sponsoring a one day workshop with Melissa teaching. What do we want as its focus?



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